A park is a unique economic region that clusters industries, sustains innovation, and drives regional economic and social development.


Inclusive and sustainable industrial parks are innovative, comprehensive, and integrated programs that can accelerate inclusive and sustainable industrialization and structural transformation.


Launching the Sustainable Industrial Park Initiative promotes green development, digital transformation, and an optimized green business environment, contributing to high-quality, sustainable regional economic development and China's “dual-carbon” goal.




Sustainable Industrial Park Initiative



Initiative Objectives and Functions



Green Development and Digital Transformation




• Explore green development and digital transformation of parks.


• Encourage low-carbon innovative practices.


• Empower park operations, benchmark international evaluation systems, form excellent cases, and foster a green dual-carbon ecosystem.






• Enhance talent training and policy optimization through international capacity building.


• Utilize international park evaluation systems for comprehensive evaluation and guidance, achieving sustainable operations benchmarking.


• Promote international cooperation for industrial digital transformation through technological innovation, forums, and seminars, creating an internationalized investment promotion platform. Explore green development and digital transformation of parks.






Technical Cooperation and Investment Competitiveness




• Develop feasible solutions for green development and digital transformation.


• Create samples of China’s green zero-carbon and low-carbon development.


• Form and promote excellent cases of low-carbon practices internationally, optimizing the regional green business environment.






Sustainable Practices and Business Environment Optimization




• Collaborate with development zones, local governments, technology enterprises, financial institutions, and market operators to cultivate a green dual-carbon ecosystem.


• Focus on investment modeling, digital economy, green energy, low-carbon buildings, low-carbon production, and intelligent operation to promote the sustainable development of parks.








Cultivation of a Green Dual-Carbon Ecosystem