Delegate Programs




Operating the Delegate programs for investment and technology promotion


UNIDO is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. Within this programme, ITPOs host officials from developing countries and economies in transition to give them hands-on training in investment promotion techniques so that delegates are able to promote portfolios of screened investment and technology opportunities from their own countries. Thereafter, delegates act as contact points between their countries and potential foreign partners.


ITPOs benefit from intra-organizational linkages with other UNIDO’s worldwide Networks including the UNIDO International Technology Centers (ITCs), the Subcontracting and Partnership Exchanges (SPXs), the numerous Export Consortia and the joint UNIDO/UNEP National Cleaner Production Centers (NCPCs); therefore providing value-added services to clients and partners. ITPO Shanghai actively participated in the national partner program, dispatch plan and other related projects of UNIDO, and undertook high-level delegations from various countries within the UNIDO framework system to integrate into UNIDO's global resources and networks.




In 2018, in order to implement the National Partner Program of UNIDO, ITPO Shanghai received the Cambodian economic and trade delegation and hosted a Cambodian investment and trade promotion conference to promote the on-site docking of the intentional investment companies and Cambodia, inviting nearly 50 representatives from enterprises in the energy, construction, industrial parks and communications industries.


Under the UNIDO Delegate Program, ITPO Shanghai accepted two representatives from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia and the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Cambodia, and arranged a one-week study tour in Shanghai. According to the learning needs of the Cambodian delegation, we arranged two delegates to participate in the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, and visited Shanghai's representative industrial parks, mass entrepreneurship spaces and logistics and communication enterprises including: Shanghai Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, Shanghai Pudong Software Park, Caohejing Hi-tech Park, Ant Maker, YTO Express, Shanghai Construction Group and Nokia Alcatel-Lucent.

ITPO Shanghai, together with the Cambodian Consulate General in Shanghai and the Shanghai foreign trade association, organized a Cambodian investment and trade promotion seminar, which was attended by nearly 50 business representatives from energy, construction, industrial parks, communications and other industries. During the seminar, the dispatched representatives from Cambodia Shared their experience of studying in Shanghai for one week, explained the investment and trade opportunities in Cambodia, answered the investment questions of Chinese enterprises present in Cambodia, and expressed sincere thanks to ITPO Shanghai for the thoughtful and meticulous arrangement.



ITPO Shanghai led the delegation of Chinese enterprises to attend the Hannover Messe in April. With the joint support of ITPO Germany and ITPO Shanghai, Chinese corporation Westwell has successfully established contact with the port of Hamburg to discuss possible cooperation on smart port.



On August 28, “Go to China Venture Camp” was jointly organized by ITPO Shanghai and Cambridge Innovation Academy (CIA) in Center of Excellence in Shanghai, together with leading international enterprises in various industries, Chinese governments and development zones.


On the scene, Mr. Bernardo, Director of TII, UNIDO, raised his opinions about promoting access to investment, international project cooperation, and youth innovation. Mr. Alan Barrell, the founder of CIA, and Mr. Marcel dridje, the chairman of Sofia Angel Fund in France, expressed their views in the online video. In the road show, the CEOs and chief AI scientists of six AI innovation companies from the UK presented their own projects and exchanged ideas with the investors and entrepreneur on specific issues of concern.


After the event, Spark EV Technology, one of the roadshow partners, settled in Shanghai Xuhui District with the assistance of UNIDO ITPO Shanghai. It will cooperate with well-known automobile manufacturers such as BMW and GEELY.



In February, Greek National Pavilion was opened in Wai Gao Qiao District of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone with the support and organization of UNIDO ITPO Shanghai. Ms. Elena Kountoura, Minister of Tourism of Greece, attended the opening ceremony. Moreover, under the leadership of Mr. Vassilis Kokalis, Minister of Agricultural Development and Food of Greece, the Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food and the Office of the Prime Minister visited UNIDO ITPO Shanghai to have in-depth exchanges on cooperation in the field of investment promotion, technology transfer and trade facilitation.



On October 16, at the occasion of upcoming 2nd CIIE, UNIDO ITPO Shanghai arranged a visit to Shanghai Minhang District for an Estonian delegation consisting of public and private sectors, which was led by Mr. Viljar Lubi, Deputy Secretary General for Economic Development and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. A matchmaking was also held to attract foreign investment in Shanghai and two-way cooperation. This activity focused on the implementation of the MOU on E-Commerce Cooperation between China and Estonia in November 2017, and were expected to strengthen collaboration in the fields of shipping, e-commerce and logistics, with achievements in project matchmaking and partnership establishment. The Estonian business representatives were mainly from the following companies: Tallinn airport, Boomerang Distribution, Port of Sillamäe, Markit Holding AS, GTS Express, Air Cargo Collaboration Estonia.



Ants Plan Maker Space is the first chain-based startup incubator focusing on internet education in China, which has great influence in the industry. UNIDO ITPO Shanghai boosted Ants Plan Maker Space's overseas markets by its strength on global network. Recommended by UNIDO ITPO Shanghai, Ants Plan Maker Space signed a cooperation agreement with the Italian Future Food Institute (FFI) to provide youth training in the food industry.


On March 12, 2019, the delegation led by LI Zheng, Director of Chongming District, Shanghai, visited UNIDO ITPO Shanghai office to exchange views with Ms. ZHAO Xiaolei on building an international ecological island in Chongming District. Considering the industrial characteristics of ecological agriculture in Chongming District, UNIDO ITPO Shanghai recommended the Italian Future Food Institute project and invited the project side to have in-depth exchanges with LI Zheng and his delegation.


Senior partner Bruno Grassetti of Italian One Belt One Road Institute visited UNIDO ITPO Shanghai office.



On July 2, UNIDO ITPO Shanghai was invited to AUSTRIAN STARTUP NITE – PITCH & NETWORKING EVENT, which was co-organized by the Austrian Consulate General Shanghai and GIN Austria, and then established contact with Austrian Consulate General Shanghai and Austrian business. Officials from Austrian Consulate later visited UNIDO ITPO Shanghai office.

Japan & South Korea


In November, Ms. ZHAO, Head of ITPO Shanghai visited University of Ulsan in Korea. She met with Professor Park, learnt about key development concept of Ulsan’s industrial parks and discussed how to promote the sharing of practices among Korea, Japan and China in advantage of UNIDO ITPO network. Ms. Zhao also led several Chinese companies such as Ants Makerspace to visit the Innovation Center of Ulsan University, helping to build business connections between Korea and China and promote the small and medium-sized companies' innovation in China.


At the same time, Ms. ZHAO paid a visit to Japan and studied the advanced green technologies of Kawasaki through participation in the 12th Kawasaki International Eco-Tech exhibition and a visit to Kawasaki Green Innovation City. She also met with the mayor of Kawasaki at the 16th Kawasaki International Eco-Business Forum and explored how to promote investment and technology transfer between Japan and China.


Under the support of UNIDO ITPO Shanghai and ITPO Japan, Shinko Co. held a roadshow on 2019 UNIDO Day, demonstrating the waste material treatment and soil improvement projects. At present, Shinko Co., Ltd. has reached a cooperation with Suzhou Anlaisi Metal Co., Ltd. and plans to jointly carry out the recycling of waste metals with the support of Suzhou government, so as to solve environmental problem through green technology and promote sustainable development.

Saudi Arabia


On September 18, the “Investors and Technology Entrepreneurs Meeting”, jointly organized by UNIDO UNIDO ITPO Shanghai, the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) and the Shanghai International Equity Association, was successfully launched in the Center of Excellence. Nearly 90 representatives of institutions such as DT Capital, ProLogis, CMB International, and Lingang Economic Development Group attended the meeting. The PIF proposed that under the background of Saudi Arabia's "vision 2030" national strategy issued in April 2016, cooperation with China could be improved through transnational fund cooperation, adding regional offices, introducing high-tech enterprise solutions, etc.



On November 20, with the support of UNIDO ITPO Shanghai, the seminar American Wood and its Application Technology was held by the US Consulate General in Shanghai at Center of Excellence. Six experts and scholars from China and the United States, including Professor LIU Jie from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Eddie Yen, Chief Representative of the Asian office of the Idaho, USA and Professor CHENG Xiaowu from Nanjing University, delivered the speech and presentation. More than 60 Chinese industry representatives and experts participated.

Cambodia, Malaysia & Indonesia


In February, UNIDO ITPO Shanghai supported Best Logistics Group, a leading logistics company in China, to find high-quality resources in Kampuchea, Malaysia and Indonesia along the Belt & Road and complete the industrial connection. Also referred by UNIDO ITPO Shanghai, Xinghui Real Estate, whose business covers housing, entertainment and other fields of investment, completed project company registration in Cambodia, and planed to invest in the construction of 630 mu industrial park of Phnom Penh Airport.



In July, Ms. ZHAO attended the opening of GMIS in Ekaterinburg, Russia and visited the exhibition of INNOPROM. She also attended the ITPO Heads’ Meeting and presented ITPO Shanghai’s approach to promoting corporate identification and cohesiveness and had constructive discussions with other participants on the promotion of UNIDO’s cooperate identity, the measures to enhance organizational cohesiveness, and embedding bankable projects in PPP cooperation. During the visit in Russia, she attended the bilateral meeting with Mr. SUN Xiao, Director General of China Chamber of International Commerce, and Mr. XIONG Meng, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Federation of Industrial Economics.


She also visited the High-tech Center of Mechanical Engineering of Ural Federal University and the Ural Locomotives at the site of former Ural Rolling Stock Manufacturing Plant, better understanding the latest development of Russian cutting-edge technologies.