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UNIDO Global Call is a flagship event, which seeks to identify innovative technology solutions that address the adverse effects of climate change and that have the potential to be scaled up, and thus that ultimately contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic development. The UNIDO Global Call was launched in 2020 for the first time. In the past three years, UNIDO Global Call has focused on innovative technologies and best practices over the past three years, attracting more than 2,000 participants from 108 countries to contribute intelligent solutions.


As the winner of the UN Innovation Award, the UNIDO Global Call has emerged as one of the most impactful flagship events in the UN system, effectively fostering technology innovation and application. In addition to being able to pool from the worldwide UNIDO expertise, the ITP Network will strengthen cooperation with other UN institutions towards sharing technical and expert resources, thereby making this Global Call a truly global initiative.

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Global Call, which began in 2020 and marks its fifth year this year, is UNIDO’s flagship annual event where companies with innovative solutions to global challenges are recognized and awarded. Through this event, UNIDO identifies technologies that can be leveraged for sustainable industrial development in developing countries, while companies showcase their technical expertise and innovation on the international stage, simultaneously contributing to SDGs and engaging in partnerships to address various societal and environmental challenges. Each year, UNIDO ITPOs worldwide sequentially organize the Global Call event, selecting themes that align with the local and global contexts and inviting companies with innovative technologies to participate.


This year, UNIDO ITPO Korea will host the Global Call 2024 under the theme 'FOODTECH Innovation and ISID: Nourishing the Future.' FoodTech refers to an industry where scientific and technological advancements such as robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and 3D printing are integrated into the entire process of the food industry, from production to consumption. Currently, the global food system is collapsing, with 780 million people suffering from hunger and one-third of the world's food production wasted. Moreover, the current food system is exacerbating environmental pollution, producing one-third of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.


Global Call 2024, themed 'FOODTECH Innovation and ISID: Nourishing the Future,' will be divided into four specific categories: Production, Manufacturing/Processing, Distribution/Delivery, and Consumption. Through this, the event aims to select companies with innovative technologies that can address issues in the global food system such as hunger and unequal distribution, thus contributing to a sustainable food system. UNIDO ITPO Korea hopes that this year's Global Call event will serve as a groundbreaking opportunity to significantly improve societal issues across the entire food industry value chain, including food, environment, and other related challenges.

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