COMFAR III Demonstration Versions


UNIDO offers demonstration versions for COMFAR III Expert free of charge. Please follow the instructions given below:




Download the demonstration version of COMFAR III Expert and save to a folder on your hard disk. After the successful downloading, double click the downloaded setup file to start the installation.


If you like to download more than one demonstration version (e.g.: different languages) the steps described above have to be repeated. Furthermore, we recommend installing all downloaded demonstration versions into the same folder on your hard disk. This will minimize the storage requirements and will allow you to evaluate the multilingual approach of COMFAR III.

Note: For language versions not using the standard European character set (e.g. Arabic, Czech, Croatian, Chinese, Farsi, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Slovak) you have to have the respective font family or Windows environment (e.g. Chinese, Japanese) available.


COMFAR III Expert - Demo Versions:



Case Studies


The demonstration versions are supplied without manuals. You may use the COMFAR Case study and the On-line help feature of the software to learn more about the basic concepts and procedures of COMFAR.