Progress by Innovation | The WiiTs-Rregestered Projects Have Repeatedly Won UNIDO Global Call Championship



In order to promote the global application of sustainable technologies, enhance the sustainability and social benefits of investment decisions, facilitate the digitalization of industries and drive the future of innovation, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) in Shanghai launched the World Industrial & Innovative Technology Cooperations (WiiTs) in 2020. Since its launch in 2020, the WiiTs initiative has received wide public attention, with more than 500 technology application projects in the database and more than 30 projects registered in WiiTs after evaluation by the National Advisory Group.


The WiiTs initiative establishes a comprehensive technology cooperation platform by organizing online and offline business matching, introducing global technology forums, promoting effective technology transfer and providing capacity building to professional technology partners. Since the establishment of WiiTs, a number of WiiTs projects, supported and recommended by ITPO Shanghai, have made their presence felt in domestic and international exhibitions, and have been invited to share their application cases and gained international attention.


UNIDO Global Call is an ambitious flagship program launched by UNIDO in 2020 in the context of global climate change, post-pandemic economic reconstruction, green recovery and the Decade of Action for Sustainable Development. It won the UN Innovation Award in 2022. UNIDO Global Call has been successfully held in Italy, Germany, Shanghai and Beijing, and has selected more than 3,000 innovative solutions and scalable technology projects from five continents, providing good demonstrations and cases for sustainable development in various countries, and has an important global influence in the sustainable application of innovative technologies. What is even more gratifying is that the WiiTs registered projects have consistently won champions or first prizes of the UNIDO Global Call!



WiiTs Initiatives

In 2020, the WiiTs project "Carbon Fiber aerogel technology application for transforming wastewater into clean water" registered by Eco-Worth Tech (Singapore) won the global championship in the category of "Energy and Environment" in UNIDO Global Call 2020!


UNIDO Global Call 2020 Awarding Ceremony - Live

In 2021, the WiiTs project "Kubuqui 310 MW desert solar PV" registered by Zhejiang Chint New Energy Development won the global championship in the category of "Sustainable land management" in UNIDO Global Call 2021!


UNIDO Global Call 2021Awarding Ceremony

In 2022, the WiiTs project "Efficient and clean utilization of energy & energy storage by digital technology" registered by Shanghai MS Energy won the global championship in the category of "Green Growth" in UNIDO Global Call 2022!


UNIDO Global Call 2022颁奖典礼

In 2023, the WiiTs project "Decentralized Solar Water Solutions Empower Rural Communities" registered by Ningbo Weland Renewable Energy won the global first prize in the category of "Clean Energy Innovation" in UNIDO Global Call 2023!


UNIDO Global Call 2023 Awarding Ceremony

Under UNIDO’s motto of “Progress by Innovation”, ITPO Shanghai actively participates in the promotion of global sustainable development and addressing major climate challenges. The WiiTs registered projects recommended by ITPO Shanghai have been awarded by UNIDO Global Call several times over the years, and all of them have won the champion/first prize, which fully highlights the high quality and strong internationalization of WiiTs projects. These achievements not only demonstrate the platform's leading position in promoting advanced technologies and sustainable development solutions, but also highlight the outstanding performance of the projects it supports in terms of innovation and sustainable development.



As one of the ten global offices of UNIDO ITPO Network, ITPO Shanghai's mission is embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to reducing development imbalances by promoting investment and technology collaboration between host countries and other developing countries and economies in transition. Under UNIDO’s motto of “Progress by Innovation”, ITPO Shanghai focuses on promoting sustainable and green technologies, and disseminating the know-how to public sector and private sector as well.