Ms. Fatou Haidara, Deputy Director General of UNIDO, Visited UNIDO ITPO Shanghai With Delegation



On the morning of November 7, during the 6th China International Import Expo and the Hongqiao International Economic Forum, Ms. Fatou Haidara, Deputy Director General and the Managing Director of the Directorate of Global Partnerships and External Relations of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), led a UNIDO Asia Pacific Regional Bureau delegation to visit the UNIDO Shanghai Investment and Technology Promotion Office (UNIDO ITPO Shanghai). Mr. Jie Zhao, Chief of UNIDO Regional Bureau for Asia and Pacific, Mr. Narin Sok, UNIDO Country Representative to Cambodia, Mr. Teddy Monroy, UNIDO Country Representative to Philippines, Ms. LE THI THANH THAO, UNIDO Country Representative to Vietnam, Mr. Zaki Uz Zaman, UNIDO Country Representative to Bangladesh, Ms. Sooksiri Chamsuk, UNIDO National Programme Officer in Thailand, and Ms. Ning Li, Project Administrator of UNIDO Regional Office (China, DPR Korea, Mongolia).


Ms. Xiaolei Zhao, Head of UNIDO ITPO Shanghai, briefed the history of the office, as well as the milestones of its work in advocating the greening and digital transformation of industry in recent years.

Ms. Fatou Haidara acknowledged the work of UNIDO ITPO Shanghai in promoting sustainable industrial development. She pointed out that all ITPOs had achieved good results in recent years. In the future, it is necessary to further strengthen the synergy effect of the UNIDO ITPO Network, especially in the three key areas of UNIDO's concern: strengthening cooperation in agriculture to eliminate hunger, sharing new technologies to better respond to climate change, and joining efforts to build fair and sustainable supply chains. Together, they will contribute to the structural transformation of the economy and the sustainable and inclusive development of industry. At the same time, she hoped that the UNIDO ITPO Network could realize and strengthen cross-ITPO collaboration in the area of capacity building.


Mr. Jie Zhao said that the introduction of UNIDO Resident Representatives from Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Thailand to Shanghai to participate in the  6th CIIE and to visit UNIDO projects in Shanghai echoed the expectations expressed by UNIDO Director General Gerd Müller at the Third "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum for UNIDO to further strengthen its partnership with China.

After the meeting, the delegation visited Shanghai Bailongang Sewage Treatment Plant whose sludge hydrogen energy conversion application case was recommended by UNIDO ITPO Shanghai registered in the World Industrial Innovative Technology Cooperations (WiiTs) Green Growth category. Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant, invested by Shanghai Chengtou Water (Group) Co., Ltd., is the largest sewage treatment plant in Asia with the most complete treatment terminal. It involves hundreds of sustainable technologies and low-carbon treatment measures covering "water, mud, gas and sound". It is a typical WiiTs application case with great possibilities for technology application and case promotion in Belt and Road countries.